copper ore Magnetic Separator

Working Theory of Magnetic Separator Price: 
The mineral slurry, which consists of loosened particles, is fed into the cell through a box feeder. The liquid flows through the system and the magnetic field will cause the magnetic particles to swarm together forming a magnetic cluster or chain. This magnetic cluster or chain is attracted to the cylinder due to the magnetic force. The revolution of the cylinder around the magnetic field causes the non-magnetic particles to fall off while the magnetic ones remain attached. The magnetic material moves along the cylinder to the end of the point where the magnetic force is weakest at the end of the magnetic system.

At this end, the magnetic material is discharged into the concentrate tank by the current produced by the discharging-ore pipe. The rest of the non magnetic material as well as those with low levels of magnetism are discharged together with the slurry.


Performance and Features of Magnetic Separator  Price: 
The magnetic separator machine is fitted with a magnetic system that is of high quality. The system is made of iron oxide and rare earth magnetic steel. The cylinder surface has an average magnetic induction intensity of 100-600mT. The machine can be custom made to fit the needs of the customer. It can be of co-current, half-countercurrent, counter current, etc.

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